From sails to bags with imagination, 1959 sailmakers craftsmen tradition. These are single pieces as every sail is unique.

The idea to turn a sail into a bag and accessories, in addition to an aesthetic value for the object, keeps alive that magic we call adventure Kevlove, the power-ENERGY of the lake-Garda lake.

Is a woman’s dream. It is the portait of a lifetime and the creative expression of her love for sailing.

KEVLOVE is created by Elena Filippini’s artistic wit. This line of bags, purses and fashion accessories finds its roots in Elena’s family tradition and buisiness. Her father, a sailing passionate, founded Veleria Velnova in 1959 in the small town of Bogliaco on the shores of Lake Garda.

The sailmaking laboratory was born of Mr. Gino Filippini’s own strenght and willingness to invent his ideal job. Noone taught him how to  make sails. It all began with a concotion of inborn skills, creativity and intuition, all of this animated by his desire to porsue a dream. It is such determination that guides the youngest of  his three daughters, Elena. She blends the power of a strong tradition with revolutionary ideas,thus inventing her own style. Kevlove allows Elena to livr an experimental journey as it offers a new perspective with a flavor of history.

Kevlar, dacron, and nylon are sail materials that, along with hooks, pulleys, and other sailing hardware, are given new lives. Such  components are transformed by the designer’s feminine touch, becoming stylish items that offer an unseen and futuristic vision of the sailing world. Curious bags, elegant  purses, innovative belts, hats, and other fashionable accessories are all uniquely created.
The name KEVLOVE is meant to evoke technicality and love, rationality and completeness. KEV is for kevlar, an unusually strong and lightweight material typically used in the sailing world. And LOVE expresses the passion which supports this project and its bond to a family tradition. Together they embrace the past and the present, carrying on the name of a brand and a family.

Elena Filippini e Gino Filippini
Lo staff di Kevlove


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